Schizoid: The Staple of Extreme Underground Electronic Music

Popularity doesn’t always equate to talent and maturity. Sometimes, the most innovative and imaginative artists in the music industry are just lurking beneath the mainstream surface—making great records as we speak. Case in point: ‘Schizoid’, a Canadian-based aggro-punk industrial prodigy who has been the staple of extreme underground electronic music since 1998 when he released “Enough is Enough; a groundbreaking industrial noise/glitch breakcore record.

What happened next was nothing short of remarkable as ‘Schizoid’ continued to challenge musical parameters by blurring the lines between digital hardcore and intense black/grind metal with every album and by also fronting the black metal act ‘DEAD OF WINTER’. His music is by design not for everyone and it’s definitely not for mainstream consumption—something that he’s cognizant of and takes great pride in.

To describe ‘Schizoid’s’ music is to set a limitation to his immense talent. Listening to any of his albums is like taking a ‘Rorschach test’. It can be anything to anyone as more than anything else; his music is about perceptions and underlying personality/emotional functions that are brought to the surface through his creations.

So do yourself a favor and take a break from the blandness of mainstream music. Check out ‘Schizoid’ and experience something unlike any other. It is imaginative, visceral and cathartic—an emotional, ‘envelope-pushing’ roller coaster musical ride that only ‘Schizoid’ can provide. Just a word of caution: “If it’s too loud, you’re too old!” Enjoy the dark side!


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