An Artist that Transcends Time and Trends

Regarded as ‘the most prolific chipmusic artist’ by ‘Computer Music Magazine’, Goto80 (Anders Carlsson) is a living proof that talent and originality are two of the most enduring qualities in music. Since bursting into the scene in 1992, Goto80 has created hundreds if not thousands of timeless records (with his original blend of craft, beats and pop) and has performed in hundreds of innovative shows around the world.

As one of the pioneers of glitch and chipmusic as well as an active demoscener, Goto80 was credited for bringing chipmusic to a much wider audience at the turn of the new millennium. He has literally seen and done it all. Now, more than two decades later, Goto80 remains as hungry and as creative as ever as he continues to inspire musicians and audiences from all walks of life through his creations.

Goto80’s artistic vision and drive seem boundless as he has even branched out into research and the arts. He’s now widely considered as a demoscene historian via his book ‘From Pac Man to Pop Music ‘(2008) and his Masters in Media and Communication thesis entitled ‘Power Users and Retro Puppets – a Critical Study of the Methods and Motivations in Chipmusic’ (2010) among other published texts.

On the other hand, his art works have manifested themselves in live transformative performances and cathartic textmode aesthetics. Together with Raquel Meyers, they’re credited to be the first to produce a performance that solely utilizes PETSCII-based graphics and music software.

While most artists come and go with the ebb and flow of musical trends, Goto80 stays relevant by tapping into his seemingly inexhaustible well of creative juices. Goto80 is a pioneer and most importantly a driving force of glitch and chipmusic—both indelible marks that transcend time and trends.

Long story short, he will be here to stay so long as there’s still music to play; ergo he is immortal!

Experience the legend that is Goto80 by clicking on the video below. It’s almost an hour-long, unrelenting chipmusic mix because why the hell not, right?




1 thought on “An Artist that Transcends Time and Trends

  1. great article! truly a legend


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