‘Art of Fighters’: When Music and Unrelenting Passion Collide

In the music industry, you’re only as good as your last work. And this hardcore DJ duo from Italy named the ‘Art of Fighters’ seemed like they’ve taken this notion to heart right from the start as they barrel through each of their performances and wreak havoc onstage, night in and night out—often rendering their audience speechless at the sheer force and unrelenting nature of their immense talents.

It should be noted that the ‘Art of Fighters’ history and identity are shrouded in mystery. Records show that the hardcore house group was formed in Italy back in 1997 and was comprised originally of 3 members namely Cristian Nardelli (DJ, producer), Luca Lorini (MC) and Matteo Pitossi (1997-2007).  Since 2007, ‘Art of Fighters’ has been operating as a well-oiled and tenacious ‘machine duo’ that thrives in anonymity–wearing their trademark Friday the 13th hockey masks everytime they perform.

Having said that, what’s certain is that the group started to send shockwaves across the music industry in 2000 with their ferociously explosive tracks ‘Artwork’ and ‘Earthquake’. Since then, they’ve been tearing up the stage in huge events across Australia, South America, Japan, USA and Europe just to name a few.

With a career that spans almost two decades (and counting) and with music that can only be described as raw, visceral and uncompromisingly passionate, ‘Art of Fighters’ has become one of the leading acts of the present hardcore scene. It’s the past, the present and the future of hardcore house music because quite frankly, there’s simply nothing quite like it.

Experience the force of nature that is ‘Art of Fighters’ via their ferociously powerful track ‘Earthquake’! Feel the music and make the ground shake by clicking on the link!



1 thought on “‘Art of Fighters’: When Music and Unrelenting Passion Collide

  1. Awesome, thank you!
    Check out our latest: “The scream of Eva”



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