An Unbreakable Musical Genre

Music is a living and breathing art. It is a confluence of many elements that over the years have contributed to its growth and evolution. This notion is true to all musical platforms and genres—even those obscure ones lurking underneath mainstream’s glitzy and at times unimaginative surface.

Breakcore or Noisecore is one of those genres that is not for mainstream consumption but that doesn’t mean that it’s an exclusive and exclusionary musical style. Nothing can be further from the truth. Upon closer inspection, it’s actually an electronic dance music that borrows a lot of elements/influences from jungle, digital, hardcore and industrial music just to name a few. Perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of Breakcore is the throbbing bass and drum work especially the heavy manipulation of the ‘Amen Break’ and a myriad of sampling sources played in blazing speed.

Breakcore also didn’t just appear out of thin air as its history can be traced back in the mid-1990s during the popularity of the techno rave culture and the growing anti-Neo-Nazi sentiments at that time. It then began to take new shape when artists Peace Off from Rennes (France), Addict (Milwaukee, USA), Planet Mu (London) and Sonic Belligeranza (Bologna, Italy) began to incorporate more elements of mashup and Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) to hardcore sounds that are staples of the Breakcore sound.

Today, Breakcore is still evolving. With the help of artist such as Venetian Snares who has produced Breakcore albums with heavy classical elements infused in them and newer musicians like Shitmat, DJ Scotch Egg,TarmvredOxygenfad and Sickboy as well as the rise of Chiptune Music all have contributed to the evolution of this genre.

One can only guess where Breakcore is going but rest assured it isn’t going anywhere since its foundations safely rest on a bedrock of creativity and non-conformity.

One needs to listen to Breakcore to understand what it really is. Click on the link below and get ready to be broken to the core!


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