Quality in Great Quantity

Quantity doesn’t necessarily equal quality. An artist’s talent isn’t measured by the amount of work that he/she has put out over the years but rather, the essence and virtue of his/her creations. That being said, there are quite a few exceptions to the rule especially for the really gifted ones–those who continue to produce great material consistently in ridiculously voluminous amounts. And Venetian Snares (Aaron Funk) an Electronic/Breakcore musician based in Winnipeg embodies this description pretty well.

Considered as one of the most if not the most prolific musician in the experimental electronic music community, Funk is credited for revolutionizing and popularizing the Breakcore genre. Perhaps the reason for his longevity and consistency in the industry is his resilience and fearlessness as he’s never afraid to experiment and try new things.

These very same qualities were evident when he first produced music in 1992 wherein he experimented with ghetto blasters. Funk had this to say when asked about how his creative journey began:

“I’d use a bunch of ghetto blasters playing all at once to play different sounds I’d recorded with some shitty ghetto blaster. Most of my sources I’d get riding around on my bicycle and just listening for interesting sounds. I’d use garbage bins and streetlights and anything else I could find that was hollow or metallic to bang out rhythms on. Then I’d set up all the ghettos and record them all playing into that same ghetto blaster.

Then I’d play a bunch of those tapes all at the same time and record that and so on. Then I would do cut-ups or pause-ups of those tapes to create a more startling rhythmic effect. A strange ritual in retrospect.”

He then got hold of an Amiga 500 computer and subsequently produced tracks utilizing OctaMED, a popular sound tracker from Commodore Amiga. It’s important to note that the moniker Venetian Snares was derived from a track with super fast snare rolls that sounded like running a pencil against venetian blinds—hence the name.

Funk’s first official release came in 1999 via the album Greg Hates Car Culture. It was also through this album that Mike Paradinas (also known as μ-Ziq) was introduced to Funk’s work and upon hearing the album, immediately signed him on to his record label Planet Mu.

Funk has been known to produce multiple albums in a single year (even as many as six) but perhaps, his most critically acclaimed album to date is Rossz Csillag Alatt Született (inspired by his trip to Hungary). This album cemented his status as one of the most influential musicians in the experimental electronic music community.

Funk has remained active in the scene albeit with fewer outputs before announcing on August 26, 2015 through his Facebook page that he was having some financial difficulty. As a result, he launched his own Bandcamp page re-releasing majority of his works including those out-of-print tracks. Within the next 24 hours, it became the best-selling list in the site. Funk’s latest work is entitled Traditional Synthesiser Music and was released in February 19 this year.

Check out Venetian Snares’ critically acclaimed masterpiece Rossz Csillag Alatt Született and experience for yourself how quality doesn’t necessarily depreciate with quantity. Enjoy!


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