Reckless, Genre-Busting Experimental Electronic Music

When a musician is not an open book or in this case no known recorded biography on the internet or elsewhere, we’re often confronted with more questions than answers and that’s not necessarily a bad thing as it does add a little bit of mystery to the artist behind the music.

Which begs the question: Who is Rubber Muffin (Rob Goggles)? The question, though straightforward doesn’t lend itself to easy answers. For one thing, the only certain piece of information written about him is that he’s from Ottawa, Canada. It doesn’t even say where he got his name or the inspiration behind it. What’s even more daunting is describing what he does musically as he defies logic and classifications; in short, he’s a genre-busting, elastic mosh-up monster from the bowels of Experimental Electronic Music! And that’s just the easy part. Don’t get me started with his live shows as they are totally different animals! Like transformative theatrical works of art!

One operative word that I think can slightly define Rubber Muffin though is ‘reckless’ but in a good way as he often leapfrogs from Breakcore to Broken Beat,  Dubstep to Noise, and then Experimental with reckless abandon. The result isn’t necessarily rhythmically or melodically congruous but music isn’t supposed to be congruous. It’s supposed to evoke an emotional or sometimes a spiritual response. And that’s where Rubber Muffin thrives in.

So do yourselves a favor and heck out some of Rubber Muffin’s genre-bending works from his SoundCloud account below. They’re gritty, zany and hyperactive—a relentless roller coaster ride through musical peaks and valleys and discordant emotions. Enjoy!


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