Elemental yet Immersive Piece of Music

Limitations are not obstacles but rather opportunities to challenge, hone and take ones creative faculties to new directions. Take for example Shigeru Umahara aka Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou or Brutal Shock Killer (BSK) from Fukuoka/Tokyo, Japan. As a ‘Chiptune’ (derived from ‘processor chips’ and ‘song tunes’) or ‘8-bit’ (bits on classic gaming consoles) musician, he’s one of the few artists out there who swears and lives by this notion and gets a kick out of it in the process.

His weapon of choice is a Game Boy–yup, that vintage console we associate ourselves with fond childhood memories. With the help of a modified game cartridge insert and external devices such as a computer,  audio interface, speakers,  a mixer and at least two gaming devices, he’s able to create impressive chiptunes at will and on the go. And he does just that as he’s known to immerse himself in composing music—wherever and whenever he feels like it.

Having said that, he’s the first one to admit of the Game Boy’s limited functions but he doesn’t view it as an obstacle. In fact he relishes it, takes great pride even at the challenges of creating art with such elemental device.

“It has the most basic functions for making sounds,” BSK professed in an interview. “The Game Boy has limited functions and that’s the fun part of it.”

BSK’s music is a curious albeit paradoxical piece of art–immersive in its simplicity yet impressive in its dexterity. It has to be experienced to be fully understood.

Experience BSK’s music now! With it, you’re only limited by your own imagination and preconceived notion.


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