An Under the Radar Futuristic Music

Some of the most forward-thinking artists in the music industry today are usually lurking under the radar of mainstream consciousness—thriving and creating art behind the scenes–away from the drivel and triviality of popular culture. Rightfully so as those who are not beholden to anyone create the most insightful and innovative music; as it should be.

Enter Kodek (Imants Dexys), a Breakcore maverick producer from Jūrmala, Latvia who proudly refers to his work as Future Wave—a musical experience with zero rules that challenges listeners to think outside of the proverbial insipid box of contemporary music.

As per an excerpt from his biography: “He has, on countless occasions, opened up the minds of many listeners and introduced them to a whole new world of wonderful, expertly programmed tracks.”

I couldn’t agree more! His methods may be unorthodox but his music is undeniably ingenious and progressive as they don’t sound and feel like anything else in the industry today. It is the future of music and whether or not you’re aware of it or have accepted it as a fact is immaterial.

So long as there are open-minded listeners out there who continue to challenge the norm. So long as there are free spirits who continue to denounce the triviality of pop culture it will thrive. Because when it comes to electronic music, popularity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality.


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