Chaotic Enlightenment

In chaos there is order and in dissent there is enlightenment. Perhaps this is what DJ Fishead, the Breakcore scene deity and highly respected thought leader of the electronic music underworld, wants to convey in all of his creative endeavors.

With his signature blazingly fast tracks and mind-numbingly blatant assault at the turntables, Fishead has been pushing people’s buttons for over 20 years with one goal in mind–to obliterate the status quo! Perhaps there’s no method to his madness but his abrasive tendency is what makes him profoundly potent and exceptionally influential in the electronic music scene.

Fishead had this to say about his musical approach: “People tend to assume that because a music is hard or abrasive that it is somehow less intelligent than something that is not as confrontational. I’ve always believed that an integral part of being provocative is provoking people. ”

Since 1996, Fishead has been bringing his unique brand of chaotic musicality and caustic enlightenment throughout North America, across Canada and some key cities in Europe. And he shows no signs of slowing down!

When there’s a status quo to be broken, Fishead is there to bring musical pandemonium; stir the pot and push people’s buttons so that order may be restored.

Emancipate yourself from the blandness of mainstream music and experience the chaos, the madness, the enlightenment that is Fishead!


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