Boundless Musical Possibilities

Creativity knows no bounds and when sparked by inspiration, it can become an inexhaustible well of talent, knowledge and ideas. This is pretty much how BLÆRG aka Scott Wehman began his journey as an electronic artist.

BLÆRG has always been musically inclined–having played bass guitar for various metal bands since the age of 15.Though he enjoyed the scene, he felt that something was missing. He knew that he was destined for something different and was constantly searching for alternate musical outlets wherein he can unleash his full potential.

It was through an article entitled “How to Begin Experiments in Electronic Music” where he found his true calling. It was an epiphany of sorts for BLÆRG.  He took the pieces of advice from the article to heart and subsequently bought some equipment online to put his new found inspiration to practice.

He enjoyed the creative freedom and seemingly endless musical possibilities in electronic music—things that he didn’t experience in a band setting—and experimented with peer-to-peer music sharing.

BLÆRG had this to say about the whole experience: “I became obsessed with this “new” music (breakcore/idm etc.) and the literally endless possibilities it implied. My total fascination with the idea of sampling/manipulation continues to thrive and grow to this day.”

Judging by how things went and where it is heading, it seems like BLÆRG made the right decision. He has been compared to the who’s who in electronic music with the likes of Venetian Snares and Amon Tobin no less! And when things like that happen, you have truly arrived.

Not only that, his unique brand of music has led him to perform in various local and international venues—inspiring people one show at a time. Which just goes to show that when it comes to creativity and musicality, you have to listen to your intuition to get to your artistic destination.


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