‘The Scream of Eva’: An Ethereally Explosive Tribute that Stupefies

It’s the best of both worlds. It’s what would happen if two of the most cathartic forces in hardcore music and anime collide. Like a black hole it sucks you in–along with your apprehension and inhibition. There’s no escape!

‘The Scream of Eva’ is Art Of Fighters’ personal tribute to ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’, arguably one of the best anime series ever created. To say that this track is explosive is the understatement of the century.  Coming in at a cosmic rate of 191BPM, this banger is like a supernova, a titanic stellar explosion that annihilates everything in its path!

Though ‘The Scream of Eva’ is ferociously unrelenting, it’s surprisingly atmospheric—with some ethereal elements strewn seamlessly across a multitude of high octane tempos and beats–mimicking the soaring, cinematic feel of the lofty anime.

‘The Scream of Eva’ is a force of nature but it’s never predictable. It’s nuanced, layered and rhythmically divergent—a journey through musical and cinematic universe that stupefies as much as it electrifies. Definitely one of the best hardcore tracks of 2016!


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