Paranerd: Electronic Music’s Best Kept Secret

He lurks in the shadows. He operates way under the radar. He relishes his relative anonymity. He is, Paranerd (Paul Goguen). If you haven’t heard of him, well that’s alright because it’s by design. Nothing much is really written about him. Though he’s been in the game for quite some time (since the late ‘90s), he’s got very sparse online presence as this enigmatic musician from Moncton, Canada specializes in extremely limited and hard to find cassette-only releases.

One thing is for certain though, Paranerd makes acid ambient braindance music and he’s damn well good at it! And there’s no amount of fame or monetary reward that can change that. Actually, his relative obscurity has worked in his favor over the years as he was able to focus all his time and energy into making great records instead of conforming to the latest trends in the music industry and pandering to the mainstream audience aka ‘sheeple’. He’s in it for the art and not for the accolades, that’s for sure.

One quick listen to Paranerd and you’ll instantly feel that you’re in for an esoteric yet thoughtful musical treat. It’s trippy, dreamy and with frenzied bass and drum beats for good measure—basically everything you need in an ambient braindance music and then some.

So do yourself a favor. Check Paranerd out if you haven’t already and discover a sound or perhaps a listening experience unlike any other. It’s electronic music’s best kept secret until now. Go ahead, dig in! You owe it to yourself!

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