An Enjoyable Chipmusic from Hell

I guess it’s true what they say: “Opposites do attract.” Well, in this case, two polar opposites on the fringes of commercial and cultural mainstreams. I’m talking about Heosphoros, the supposed demonic alter-ego of chipmusic composer extraordinaire Frank Martin from Moncton, New-Brunswick, Canada.

Combining extreme musical elements such as progressive rock and other metal genres with synthesized electronic music, Heosphoros can only be described according to his Facebook page as the musical manifestation of Progressive Death Metal through the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) medium. And I couldn’t agree more!

On paper, it’s not supposed to work but once you hear it, you’ll be amazed at how well and seamless such discordant elements meld together—albeit in an incongruously extreme and entertaining manner. It’s what chipmusic would probably sound like in hell, you know, when it freezes over (pun intended).

It takes a keen ear and profound sense of creativity and vision to combine what in theory should be two immiscible elements into a coherent and innovative sound. And Heosphoros did just that with deft and precision. He might be the devil incarnate of chipmusic but he sure as hell undeniably talented.

Listen to Heosphoros and with the grace of everything that’s unholy in chipmusic, may your headphones burst into flames and you ears bleed with joy!

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