Industrial Music that Pierces Through the Heart

A wise man once said, “Talent is universal; opportunity is not.” This notion is especially true with Raine Vivian, an industrial rock synthpop band originally formed in New Mexico and currently making music from arguably the Mecca for musicians, New York City because why not right? I truly believe that if you can make it in New York (the cradle and birthplace of many influential musical genres like freestyle, disco, punk rock, hip hop, new wave, doo wop and bebop) you can make it anywhere.

Comprised of Raine (vocals), Arnaud Ivan Sponar (drums), Philip Lorelle (turntables) Justin Stant (guitar)Tomaso Capuano (bass), this unassuming 90’s industrial synth lines-driven band showcases their undeniably unique talents via emotionally-charged and layered vocals, gratingly melodic sounds, pulsating drums, haunting piano and piercing strings to anyone willing and able to fathom their musicality.

To listen to Raine Vivian is almost like an exquisite assault on the senses—an ebb and flow of emotions, a worthwhile journey through intense pain and pleasure. It’s beautiful and tragic at the same time and an experience that pierces through the heart.

Judging by the trajectory of their growth both artistically and professionally, it’s safe to say that Raine Vivian made the right decision when they decided to take their talents to the ‘Big Apple’ back in 2011. I mean they’ve been compared to the who’s who in industrial music like Nine Inch Nails and Gravity Kills among others. If that’s not enough proof that they’ve arrived, I don’t know what else is.

Check out Raine Vivian below and experience beauty and tragedy in the most gratifyingly musical way. It’s poetry in motion—an artistic endeavor that you’ll be glad you tried at least once in your life.


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