An Eternally Defiant and Divergent Record Label

Styles come and go but a great idea–regardless of where and how it came to be–is and will always be timeless. When D-TRASH Records was conceived in 1998 by members of CPUWAR and DJ RABIES, it started with a groundbreaking concept which is to create an online collective where an international network of extreme and exciting electronic music artists can congregate and create revolutionary works of art. That was the label’s unofficial Mission and Vision. Yes, it was all about the music and money was just an afterthought.

SCHIZOID, a Canadian-based aggro-punk industrial prodigy and kindred spirit joined the crew in 2000 to spearhead the formation of its official record label.

This is an excerpt of what they had to say about D- TRASH Records origin story: “We first started out very naively, ultimately learning along the way from our mistakes and successes, existing as a premier provider of underground electronic music through the internet and in record stores. We’re definitely not another generic label; we’ve gone about things in a completely different manner than anyone else.”

The label dared to be different in a time when conformity was rewarded. It was a risky gamble that paid off as it brought about equally revolutionary electronic artists in the industry  who received critical praise and graced the pages of various magazines like ROCK SOUND, INDUSTRIAL NATION, KERRANG and TERRORIZER just to name a few.

In 2008, D- TRASH Records celebrated its 10th groundbreaking years in the business and boasted, at that time, what would be considered as an impressively divergent body of work with 8 professionally pressed CDs and a DVD available in stores/distros worldwide as well as roughly 120 full length albums with their corresponding artwork that are available for MP3 download.

18 years in and D-TRASH Records is still as defiant as ever—breaking the rules and creating history one audacious record at a time. D-TRASH Records is eternally different, ergo it is immortal.


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