An Artistically Loud Record Label Minus the Unnecessary Hullabaloo

As far as record company goes, I think Teenage Riot Records is one of the most enigmatic labels in the industry today. But don’t let their lack of publicity or online presence fool you.  They produce some of the most ingenious and fascinating music this day and age—and that says a lot.

The passion project of Jesse F Keeler (MSTRKRFT / Death From Above 1979) and Bird Peterson, the label prefers to let their art or artists do the talking and boy are they loud and fierce!

With a riotous lineup that features artists such as Style of the Eye, Run DMT, Harvard Bass, Nom De Strip, Nadastrom, Ocelot, Nom De Strip, JFK, Bird Peterson, St. Mandrew, Rush Midnight, Trust The Machine, Congorock, Black Asteroid, LA Riots, HolloH and Blende among others, there’s no wonder the label doesn’t need outrageous publicity stunts to create a buzz. For Teenage Riot Records, it’s all about the music and nothing else—as it should be.

If you want pure, unbridled music, I suggest you check out Teenage Riot Records. It has the fearless sense of rebellion and a carefree desire for fun like that of a teenager without really being necessarily adolescent. Take it for a spin or floor it; doesn’t really matter coz it’s gonna be an enjoyable and riotous ride regardless of how you approach it. Try it now! You’ll be glad you did!


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