Hellishly Fascinating Piece of Electronic Music

Do you know what happens when a gifted and classically trained musician finally decides to embrace the dark side? Well, the result is nothing short of a profound work of an evil genius. Synthamesk aka Alain Savoie from Montréal, Canada is the evil incarnate so to speak, musically—if you catch my drift.

Savoie grew up creating and learning music. At the tender age of 7, he took up classical piano lessons because why the hell not right? He then moved on to drums and in true renegade fashion, decided to pick up a guitar at the age of 12. As fate would have it, he got his hands on a 4-track recorder when he was 14 and figured that combining it with a drum machine, a cheap keyboard and guitar effect pedals and processors would give him boundless creative possibilities as a musician.

He then studied Jazz Guitar and completed an advanced program in electroacoustics music on sound recording and mixing at Concordia University and from there, he decided to go dark and never looked back.

So now, we got ourselves a thoroughly satisfying taste of the dark side in Synthamesk, a possessed, wickedly great Breakcore artist hell-bent to produce the darkest, most explosive electronic music known to man! And deliver, he definitely does –in a thoughtful manner I must say!  I mean it’s not referred to as ‘hard music for the subconscious thinker’ for nothing.

Fear not the dark side as everything becomes deathly fascinating when the lights are out! Let Synthamesk show you the way. Now go! Unleash hell!


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