Killbot Records: Forward-thinking Musicality with Age-old Sensibility

Here’s an unimpeachable truth: Physical copies of music are eternally cool. Yup, contrary to popular belief, the accessibility of downloadable music online has not made physical copies of music like Vinyl, CD and Cassette obsolete. It’s actually quite the opposite.

As a matter of fact, there’s been an unprecedented resurgence of Vinyl in 2016 especially in the United Kingdom (UK) with sales reaching its highest level in 25 years. Music fans bought a staggering 3.2 million Long Plays (LPs) last year, the highest it’s been since 1991.

It is in this very reason that Killbot Records, a collective of visual and electronic artists from Geelong, Australia that specializes in Vinyl, CD and Cassettes will be here to stay. They’re obviously not a flash in the pan as they’ve been doing this since September 11, 2003; long before the demand for Vinyl has reached record high numbers.

At first glance, electronic music such as cheap-core, noise-scapes, experimental, breakcore, cut ups and the ilk don’t go hand in hand with Vinyl but surprisingly, they do. LPs offer a richer and much more textured sound than its digital counterparts regardless of a few crackles here and there caused by dust or scratches on the records.

Which brings me to my second unimpeachable truth: Perfection is boring! And Killbot Records has realized this notion early on and implemented it in their business strategies from the get-go. Music need not be perfect; it only has to move a listener regardless of form or circumstance. And with a Discography that features some of the most radical tracks in the industry, Killbot Records is guaranteed to not just move but rather set you in a collision course with explosive musical beats not found elsewhere!

Let the beat control your body! Click on Killbot Records, crank up the volume and get ready for liftoff! Ignition sequence in 3…2…1… All engines running. Liftoff!


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