Psychedelic Music Incarnate

Just like what his mystic name suggests, Hieroglyphic Being’s (Jamal Moss) music may be hard to decipher, figure out or attach a label to but its implications along with the emotions it evokes/conveys to the listeners are unmistakable and dare I say, ethereally poignant—like an out-of-body experience from a psychedelic trip.

A producer and boss of Mathematics Records, Hieroglyphic Being was an integral part in Chicago’s underground music scene (Industrial, Avant-Jazz and Noise just to name a few) in the late eighties and early nineties.

Furthermore, his extraordinary radical yet low-key work for the past 12 years has made him the key figure if not the pioneer of the avant-garde musical genre/movement known as ‘Outsider House’ although he prefers the terms ‘Cosmic Be-Bop’ and ‘Rhythmic Cubism’ in describing the type of music that he creates.

However you interpret, decipher or label his music, there’s no denying that Hieroglyphic Being is a cut above the rest; always innovating and ever-evolving. He is the past, the present and the future… Hieroglyphic Being is the psychedelic music incarnate.


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