The Man, The Myth and The Full on Acid Genius!

Describing an artist as “The Jimi Hendrix of the 303” and “Full on Acid Genius” might be a bit of a stretch to some but it’s not at all far-fetched when trying to make sense of what Mike Dred (Michael C. Cullen) is capable of musically—along with his accomplishments and potential.

For starters, he is the first DJ producer to get sponsorship from no less than the National Lottery and the Arts Council of Great Britain. Secondly, Dred is one of the few artists out there whose works have been handpicked by the prestigious Music Performance Research Centre (MPRC) in Barbican Centre, London for the purposes of information and education. Outside of the techno scene, he has received an MSc with Distinction in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh in 2005. And the list goes on!

Known in the industry as DJ Judge Dred, Chimera, Machine Codes, Space Avenger, The Kosmik Kommando and Universal Indicator, Mike Dred has been considered as the pioneer in the electronic scene as he was a leading DJ since 1983, a producer since 1988 and a sound designer since 1992. Credited for the innovative usage of the Roland TB-303 and the development of acid techno, he is regarded as one of the key players who brought Electroacoustic Music to a much wider audience–inspiring various artists who have later on become movers and shakers in electronic music scene (Peter Green and Aphex Twin).

After more than three decades in the industry and after garnering countless accolades under his belt, Dred’s creative hunger has not dwindled one bit as he continues to produce inspired and forward-thinking music even up to this day.

Which just shows that when it comes to longevity in this business, having an undeniable talent is only half the battle. You need to be willing to put on the work, challenge yourself constantly and continue to be inspired to feed that fire within. And Mike Dred has done all that in spades!

Check out the track below and be inspired by the man, the myth and the full on acid genius that is Mike Dred!


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