Confectionary Cheese Ball Music for the Senses

Art is a reflection of life or vice versa and for better or for worse; artists are influenced by just about anything they see, hear, feel and experience in life (environment, society, politics, music, films etc.) as they are the mirrors to their creative souls.

When the tri-continental ambient lounge group ‘The Gentle People’ was formed in the 90’s, a certain film was directly credited for its inception. Comprised of Valentine Carnelian, Laurie LeMansHoneymink and Dougie Dimensional, the group recounted the band’s origin story: “We called ourselves, ‘The Gentle People’ after a song from one of our favorite films ‘Beyond The Valley of The Dolls’. The film embodied much of our lifestyle and also fashion sense and from there we also developed our lust for subversive easy listening music.”

‘The Gentle People’ was ahead of its time as nobody was buying their songs earlier on, yet they stood by their convictions as they knew that their sugar-coated, easy listening music that seemingly combines the esoteric club culture of the 90’s and the tiki/cocktail-inspired sensibilities of the 50’s would catch on and eventually find an audience.

And they were right! ‘The Gentle People’ released 4 critically acclaimed albums, 3 compilations and have toured extensively in Japan and Europe among other territories throughout their easy listening, chill out/electronica train ride for more or less two decades.

They may be on a hiatus for the time being due to some geographical reasons but more than anything else, it’s just a necessary pit stop. The chill out ride will continue and when it does, expect a lot of nostalgia and cheese, because why the hell not?

Everything is better when it’s slower and sweeter. So get into the easy listening groove and chill out to the sugar-coated cheese ball tunes of ‘The Gentle People’. You’ll be glad you did because it’s literally and figuratively music to your ears!


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