An Off-Kilter Musicality that Makes Sense

Art, like music, need not be concordant to make sense. It just needs to sound amazing in its entirety. Dave Monolith aka David Paul Barnard lives by this notion in all of his musical creations and with the help of Rephlex Records, he gets to systematically arrange seemingly discordant and eclectic tracks into a work of art that speak a unified voice.

He explains: “I only make individual tracks in different styles so ultimately the record had to be compiled into a coherent selection of music. I think this has been done successfully by Rephlex. I make the music I want to hear. I enjoy it more than any other music, this drives me to make more.”

There’s no rhyme or reason but his methods, regardless of how unorthodox or off-kilter they may be, works extraordinarily well for Monolith. And he’s got an extensively eclectic collection of songs to show for it.

Whatever the case may be, whether it’s intentional or otherwise, Monolith gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘playing by ear’. If it sounds disjointedly or eccentrically pleasing to your ears, then it might just be another Monolith creation.


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