A Magnificent Conundrum

Music is a magnificent conundrum. It can come from the unlikeliest of sources and creative permutations, can thrive in any environment and survive the ever-shifting landscape and demands of the industry. When Uwe Schmidt (born 27 August 1968 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany) first embarked on a musical journey, no one could’ve predicted the trajectory, evolution and extent of his body of work decades later.

Credited as the father of aciton (acid-reggaeton), electrogospel and electrolatino music, Schmidt (also known as Lassigue Bendthaus, Atom Heart, Atom™ and Señor Coconut ) began making music in the early 1980s playing drums. Upon hearing a Linn Drum on the radio, he subsequently decided to focus his attention to programming a drum computer.

In 1986, he co-founded N.G. Medien, a cassette label which contained various tapes of international artists and his very own works under the name Lassigue Bendthaus. It is in this very same label where he released ‘The Engineer’s Work’ (1986) and ‘Matter’ (1991); both of which jump-started his fledgling career.

Several albums and monikers later, Schmidt found himself in Santiago, Chile (where he’s been residing since 1997) and founded the label ‘Rather Interesting’ (R.I). R.I. remains up to this day, his most extensive body of work yet.

Schmidt by all accounts, has seen and done it all. He’s been through and masterfully rode through the peaks and valleys of the music industry…of life. I guess it’s safe to say that he’s here to stay.


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