Old School Acid Techno for the Ages

Amidst the advances and digital innovations in the entertainment industry, Ceephax Acid Crew (real name Andy Jenkinson), a staunchly conventional acid techno/drum and bass electronic musician from Britain, has shown the world, on a consistent basis, that ‘Old school is still the best school’.

Exhibit A: Since 1997 up until today, he still mainly uses vintage equipment such as the Roland drum machines and the always reliable TB-303 synthesizers. On top of that, he still often records his music onto a cassette tape deck.

On paper, his almost elemental methodology of producing and playing music would seem unthinkable to today’s generation of artists but to the real lovers of the art, it’s actually quite the opposite. Such approach has made him stand out from the rest of the modernistic and almost too robotic electronic crowd of musicians. The primitive acid house aesthetic and vibe that Ceephax creates is one-of-a-kind as it sounds organically nostalgic and emotionally relatable—qualities that today’s electronic music are notably devoid of.

Perhaps Ceephax is best known for his live performances because instead of taking the easy route by utilizing the popular Laptop style of ‘live’ electronic performance, he prefers to exclusively use early digital and analog equipment with an occasional help from an Amiga computer; making his shows distinctive from the rest of his younger, more technologically-dependent counterparts.

If it ain’t broke, why fix it right? Ceephax’s steadfast creativity, along with his elemental yet time-tested equipment are definitely built to last. So it goes without saying that his old school acid techno ways will go on for as long as there’s still a need for music to be created and experienced on an organically ingenious way.


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