A Profoundly Engrossing Sonic and Artistic Wonder

It is immersive as much as it is evocative. To describe Florian Hecker’s music is to give a simplistic meaning to abstract art. It just isn’t possible.

Born in 1975 in Augsburg, Germany, Hecker is an artist by profession and a student of the arts by practice. He took up Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics at Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich as well as Fine Arts at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna where he received his diploma in 2003.

Words fail to describe what Hecker really does musically. You just need to listen to it and feel it to grasp its potential along with its aspirations and tendencies.

By far, this excerpt from his profile is the closest description of what Hecker music really is: “In performances, publications and installations, Hecker deals with specific compositional developments of post-war modernity, electro-acoustic music as well as other, non-musical disciplines. He dramatizes space, time and self-perception in his sonic works by isolating specific auditory events in their singularity, thus stretching the boundaries of their materialization.”

If the above explanation still doesn’t paint a clearer picture of what Hecker does musically, I guess you just gotta have to do it the old-fashioned and most effective way; by listening to one of his works!

Click on the link below and get ready to be profoundly engrossed by the trippy yet mesmerizing sonic and artistic wonder that is Florian Hecker.


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