The Voice of Elegance amidst the Cacophony of Digital Noise

Like a rose among the thorns, the beauty of Penelope Martin’s music resonates above all the proverbial white noise. Her distinctive style which ranges from the rawest and most extreme industrial techno to the most experimental and atmospheric electronic sound imaginable provides the much-needed elegance and versatility in today’s congested and often unimaginative music scene.

Born in Granada, the Spanish DJ and producer since the mid-nineties, always had a gift for creating exquisitely lush music regardless of where or who she works with. She traveled extensively and performed all over Spain and even overseas and has shared the DJ booth with famous artists such as Ben Sims Oscar Mulero, James Ruskin, Marco Carola, Regis and Surgeon just to name a few.

Penelope further exhibited her versatility when she collaborated with Ekis, a Madrid-based producer to form ArD2 in 2007. To say that the team up was ambitious is a major understatement.

A portion from their album write-up reads: “Their creations embody science fiction electro whose starting point is the famous novel 1984 by George Orwell, which reflects his harsh view of the totalitarian states. This futuristic story is narrated through sonic illustrations, dense atmospheres and sinister dialogues.”

Aside from ArD2, she also co-founded Seti Recordings and worked with Gerald Donald to collaborate with DJ Stingray on the project NRSB-11 which resulted in the creation of the album entitled ‘Commodified’. Released in 2013 by Belgian label WeMe, the record further cemented Penelope’s reputation as the voice of beauty, elegance and grace amidst the cacophony of digital noise.

It is exquisite, ambitious and delicate. It is uniquely Penelope’s.


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