Modifiable and Inexhaustible Talent

To borrow from the law of conservation of energy, talent can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another. Sometimes, it takes a significant leap of faith to step out of one’s comfort zone and validate this concept; that talent, like energy is a modifiable and inexhaustible entity.

Take for instance the case of acidic breakcore artist The Doubtful Guest (Libby Floyd). Her musical origin couldn’t be any more different from where or what she’s become today. She was a former opera singer from Chicago who, for reasons only known to her, decided to take her talents to the UK to exclusively produce acidic breakcore music.

The move was drastic, unthinkable even but because of her talents she endured. Now, more than a decade later and after several ear-shattering and genre-defying records, it would seem as if she made the right decision. I mean she’s being proclaimed as ‘The Queen of Acid’ by Bangface! That should amount to something, right?

At any rate, The Doubtful Guest’s talents should never be in doubt ever again. Should she decide once again to take a plunge into the deep and murky uncharted waters of the music industry, you’ll be damned sure that eventually she’ll float because talent, for better or worse, always rises to the top.


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