Time-Bending yet Non-paradoxical Sonic Wonder

The future is upon us! Well at least if you listen to Hellfish! To the unenlightened, Hellfish, whose real name is Julian Cobb, is an electronic hardcore DJ/producer and time traveler (of sorts) from the future er Essex. Credited for creating some of the most innovative and futuristic dance music over the last two decades, he helped shape the iconic British house sound through the launching of his revolutionary label Deathchant Records in 1994.

Just how cutting edge Hellfish’s music is? Well, the ‘hardcore techno vs hip hop’ sonic wonder he pioneered in the mid-nineties is still, up to this day, widely regarded as unmatched— both in depth and potential—and is therefore sampled, copied and emulated by veteran and upcoming electronic artists in various permutations and arrangements.

Notable time-bending albums are ‘Meat Machine Broadcast’, ‘Constant Mutation’ and ‘Chained Evil’ just to name a few. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to any of the albums I mentioned and get ready to be transported to and fro the future without creating any paradox.

Because with Hellfish’s visionary music, time and space become just mere constructs of the human mind!


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