Music over Gimmick

Music, ideally should be a transformative experience–creating a sense of wonder and fascination for the arts. It is a medium, a vessel of sorts for creativity that is more profoundly effective when it’s shrouded in mystery, when the artist allows the art to speak on his/her behalf.

‘Global Goon’, the ambient music, acid house and easy listening fusion virtuoso from Lydiate, England has abided by this unwritten musical rule from the get go. Since releasing his first album entitled ‘Goon’ in 1996 via Rephlex Records, rumors have been swirling around the music community about his real identity. A lot of people speculated that ‘Goon’ was actually an alias for ‘Rephlex Twin’ and this idea has stuck with him even after releasing ‘Cradle of History’ two years later.

Apart from ‘Rephlex Twin’, ‘Goon’ was also rumored to have released 5 acid records under the pseudonym ‘Syntheme’ on Planet Mu and WeMe between 2007 and 2009 but up to this day, this rumor remains unstabstantiated.

At any rate, ‘Goon’s’ music is undeniably and unequivocally awesome. There is no ambiguity to what he’s capable of. When art, instead of the artist, is allowed to speak for itself, the effect is profoundly genuine and indelible. For ‘Goon’ it has always been music over gimmick and this approach works in any generation, genre and permutation.


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