An Absurdly Captivating Art

Art is an aesthetic yet subjective, metaphysical yet intertwined endeavor. Whether it be music, illustration or animation, the tendencies and objectives of the creator/artisan remain the same. It is for the most part, to push people’s buttons and evoke an emotional response.

This is exactly what ‘Ra’ aka ‘Raoul Sinier’ (an electronic musician, film maker and digital painter based in Paris) does in all of his artistic undertakings as he seamlessly juggles music and visual art with his freewheeling talent. His art may be quite absurd and a bit twisted but it’s undeniably fascinating. There’s beauty behind the madness and if the listener/observer is willing to dig deeper physically, emotionally and mentally, the experience could be quite fascinating and dare I say, liberating.

Music is the rhythm of life or in ‘Ra’s’ case, the soundtrack of his inexplicably exquisite artistry. There’s no rhyme or reason but his music is cathartic and thought-provoking.

Delve into the abyss and get lost in the sights and sounds of Ra’s art. It’s only when you are lost that you’ll be able to find yourself. Let ‘Ra’ show you the way!


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