Idiosyncratic and Highly Imaginative Music

The gift of music knows no bounds. It is bestowed upon the chosen few who, with the help of their dedication and unwavering passion, will hopefully turn these gifts into something bigger than art itself and even themselves.

There’s just no limit to what talent can accomplish and ‘Young Smoke’ (David Davis) is the living embodiment of this notion. Just barely into his 20s, this idiosyncratic yet highly imaginative ‘footwork’ producer from Chicago has taken his craft or the genre of which he’s associated with to a place where it hasn’t been yet. And the result is fascinating!

His music has all the trademarks of ‘footwork’(160 bpm rhythms and heavy bass) but with a much more textured and layered atmospheric sound as he’s not afraid to inject overt melodies and even humor in his records. And while his older counterparts utilize samples from the spacey 70’s era punk, he draws inspiration from his own work, samples he meticulously created via his highly serviceable arsenal of software synthesizers.

By finding his own sound and boldly making himself heard above the background noise of the ultra-fast and at times repetitive genre of ‘footwork’, ’Young Smoke’ has charted the course for the future of electronic music. Wherever ‘he takes his music moving forward is anybody’s guess. What’s certain however is that it would be forward-thinking and captivating—something that would transcend expectations and musical genre.

Ignite the flame deep within you! Check out the link below and set the dance floor on fire! It’s lit, it’s illuminating, it’s unfathomably fascinating! It is unmistakably ‘Young Smoke’!


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