Sonic Bridge Between the Past and the Future

It’s introspective and abstracted—like waking up from an immersive shoegaze dream, having trouble discerning the difference between fantasy and reality. This is how ‘Teengirl Fantasy’s’ latest offering ‘8AM’ feels like and to be honest, it’s quite an effort or growth as far as their music is concerned.

A project of Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss, ‘Teengirl Fantasy’ was formed when both met during an orientation at Oberlin College in Ohio. The two kindred spirits hit it off and before long, began making music together. Their first full-length album ‘7am’ came out in 2010 and critics warmly received the hazy yet atmospherically driven sound. They even coined the term ‘dream-beat’ to describe ‘Teen Fantasy’s’ sound as the album borrowed elements from shoegaze, deephouse and other similar styles.

The band underwent several transformations as evidenced by their sophomore album entitled ‘Tracer’. It was noticeably less hazy and a bit more refined than its predecessor and was done entirely without the use of samples. Instead, ‘Tracer’ relied heavily on guest vocalists that included ‘Panda Bear’ of ‘Animal Collective’ and ‘Laurel Halo’ among others with mixed results. It’s less atmospheric but still distinctively dreamy.

Fast forward to this year and what we have here is quite possibly the best version of ‘Teenage Fantasy’ to date. It’s forward-thinking yet it celebrates its past, its roots. It is the sonic bridge between the past and the future, of here and there, of night and day.

Because in life, just like in music, the ‘in-betweens’—moments when you seem to be filling the time between transformative yet completely distinctive moments—are what define us, of our whole being. So spend those moments well and while you’re at it, listen to ‘Teengirl Fantasy’ to make sense of the haze; like an ‘8AM’ coffee.


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