A Grimy and Ambient Musical Ride to the Dystopian Future

It’s what dystopia would sound like—at least in theory. A soundtrack of the post-apocalyptic world overrun by sentient yet apathetic machines–like a cold, mechanical gush of wind on your face.

This is what ‘Silk Road Assassins’ (SRA) envision music in the future. A grimy, ambient and intensely atmospheric auditory haze, deliberately slowed down to a crawl via 808 sub bass booms and dark brooding drums for maximum effect.

‘SRA’  are masters of weightless grime and immersive, sci-fi-inspired electronic music. Composed of Lovedroid (Sam Crossley-Lewis), Tom E Vercetti (real name Jack Campbell) and Chemist (Callum Jones), this trio of producers based in Bath, England all studied music technology and bonded over similar musical tastes and passion for retro video games.

Sam had this to say about the group’s origin story:

“We all came together one night and said we’d try and write a beat together, didn’t really think much of it, just the process worked really nicely. We’d spend a lot of time playing really bad video games. And one we were playing on the night we wrote that beat was called Timesplitters 2. That was actually our original name. Or we were gonna be called Time Bandits, but obviously that’s already taken!”

The name ‘Silk Road Assassins’ was actually taken from the notorious contraband site that sold guns and drugs. It’s owner, allegedly hired assassins to eliminate his competitors—hence the moniker.

Subsequently, Jamie Teasdale, aka electronic artist and Mu alumni ‘Kuedo’ caught wind of the band’s work via a solo material from ‘Chemist’, the ‘Defiance’ EP on Coyote Records.

“He messaged me in 2015 about my EP saying he really rated it and asked for tunes,” Callum recounted in an interview with http://www.factmag.com. “I sent him some tunes over and then I thought, why not, I’ll send the ‘Silk Road’ stuff. He really rated it, and then Mike [Paradinas, Planet Mu boss] hit us up. It happened from there,” he added.

Their single ‘Shaded’ made it to ‘2015’s Mu 20’, Planet Mu’s double decade compilation of grime and atmospheric electronic beats. Then ‘Reflection Spaces’ (a 7-track EP) made a landfall and barreled through the electronic scene like a digital hurricane laying waste to the unsuspecting listeners.

And now we’re here, in the eye of the storm. The future is upon us and whether we like it or not, we need to take heed. So get into the program and listen to ‘SRA’; your survival depends on it. Or not! Either way, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride…to the dystopian future!


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