Undead Electronic Symphony

Finland may very well be the metal capital of the world but that doesn’t mean that a different musical genre of the same intensity and complexity can’t exist there. Case in point: ‘Junglist Vampire’ (Seppo Hyvärinen), a Breakcore producer from Tempere, Finland who may still be new to the industry but already astute enough to understand the hardwork and passion needed to connect with the marginalized and disgruntled music lovers who are sick and tired of mainstream music’s pandering tendencies.

I guess there’s something in the water there because regardless of the genre, Finnish artists seem to have an inexhaustible and inextinguishable fire in their bellies and ‘Junglist Vampire’ is no different. He deftly blends dubstep, techno, experimental and even psytrance music into a concoction that is potent yet easy to transfuse—like an anti-coagulant drug in your bloodstream!

‘Junglist Vampire’ is a sonic undead creature of the night and once you’ve been bitten, you’ll surely be smitten. Feel your blood boiling, your heart pounding and your head reeling with intensity! Welcome to the dark side of the jungle! The infection starts now!


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