Visionary Dance Artist with a Timeless Appeal


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If there’s one timeless commodity in the music industry, it has got to be talent. Styles, fads and even genre come and go or fade into obscurity but not talent. It doesn’t wither with time or diminish with age.

And no one embodies this notion better than ‘Vinyl Junkie’. Since kicking off his professional career in 1991 and up to the present, he’s been a prominent part of the dance music movement–whipping crowds up into a frenzy with his singularly passionate musicality.

For this very reason alone, he has become one of the most enduring names in the underground dance music scene. His journey to rave music infamy is definitely one for the books. From making an instant splash in the early nineties via the free party scene to becoming a main act for underground dance music’s biggest promoters (Fantazia, Raindance and Universe just to name a few), ‘Vinyl Junkie’ has done and seen it all. And he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, he might’ve made his name through his masterful utilization and manipulation of the 40 Breakbeat sound and Old Skool Rave but presently, he has been making waves in the fledgling Jungle/Drum & Bass scene by way of ‘Ghetto Dub’, a label he co-owns with Rachael E.C.

‘Vinyl Junkie’, like his music, is aging like fine wine as his talent and passion will never go out of style. He is more than just an artist, he is art himself; ergo he is immortal.

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