Consistently ‘Good’ Electronic Musician

Perhaps best known as the other half of the London based electronic, bass-heavy music duo ‘16bit’, ‘Moody Good’s’ (Eddie Jefferys) career is anything but moody. In fact, it’s better than good. So much better to be exact if you’ll really look closer.

Throughout the ebb and flow of his electronic music career, he has shown tremendous consistency and unrelenting drive. From his notable work with ‘Bjork’ (2011’s ‘Biophilia’ album) to winning the ‘Best Mix’ at the ‘2010 Dubstep Forum Awards’ as a member of ‘16bit’. And then on to his self-titled debut album as well as his production work for rap group ‘Foreign Beggars’ and ‘Chase & Status’ among others; he has shown time and again that he’s a consummate professional—capable of delivering innovative bangers in any permutation and combination.

Whatever ‘Moody Good’ does next is anyone’s guess but you can rest assured that it would be something dark, heavy and electrifying. He’s simply not capable of producing something inferior because that’s not how he operates. ‘Moody Good’ is simply good (or even better), there’s just no two ways about it.


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