A Rare Commodity in the Music Industry

Music knows no boundaries. It doesn’t need to be popular or even conform to the norm to connect with people . It just has to come from the heart. And electronic/lolicore artist ‘Leon Makepeace’ (Goreshit) believes this wholeheartedly.

Case in point: When he was interviewed by Bassfuck, he intimated that though his music is considered electronic, it’s not defined by any genre or confined under a specific classification.

“I like to just let other people describe it. I mean, it’s electronic music for sure, but more than that, I let people make up their own names. I’d like to think a lot of it is ’emotive’ music. I put a lot of ‘me’ into it, so I hope that comes across.”

Moreover, he professed that more than prestige, more than money, more than popularity and more than anything else in the world, he aspires to have integrity in all his musical endeavors.

“I never liked the idea of being famous – looks fucking lame,” he declared. “Getting hassled all the time, press making up sh*t about you to excite the dumb a** populous. F*ck that. Everyone needs money and it’s nice to be able to afford nice things, but I don’t think I’d be very happy if that came at the cost of having no integrity. So I’ll go for integrity.”

“I don’t aspire to becoming anything more than I am,” he continued. “I get a lot of nice feedback and messages about the sh*t I make and it’s nice to hear that I make a difference to some people – and some people are enough for me. I have a lot of fun playing the kind of shows I play and people seem to have fun dancing to it. I also meet a lot of awesome people and hear a load of great music. I don’t think I want anymore than that – it’s a good place to be.”

In the cutthroat world of the music industry filled with cookie-cutter pop stars, regurgitated beats and derivative ideas, it’s refreshing to come across an artist as honest, as unapologetic and as uncompromising as ‘Leon Makepeace’. He makes music simply for the love of it–everything else is background noise.

He may not be the most notable but he’s arguably one of the most genuine artists around this day and age. He doesn’t mince words or compromise his creativity for the sake of popularity and in the music industry, that is a rare commodity.



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