Mental Instability: Fearless Musical Journey into the Abyss

Money isn’t everything. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the most powerful motivator for creative/ artistic endeavor. This notion is especially true in music, where emotional and spiritual commitment is essential, integral even, in order for artists to get their message across with clarity, authenticity and gravitas.

This is exactly the guiding principle wherein 26-year-old Deathstep/ Minatory musician aptly named ‘Mental Instability’ abides to and operates. To say that this audacious artist from Belgium is a renegade, doesn’t even begin to describe his music or capture the very essence of his musicality.

He’s at the forefront of the dark underbelly of electronic music; a shadowy, brooding realm within the electronic music universe wherein aggressiveness or darkness is more of the norm rather than the exception to the rule.

“I am by far the only Deathstep/Minatory musician in my country!” he declared. “This style is not so popular in my country because the people here love hardstyle, techno, trance, hardcore etc. but no Deathstep or Minatory as far as I know.”

‘Mental Instability’ is a revolutionary who charts his own course even if it means staring at the musical abyss without any money or publicity so to speak.

When Bassfuck asked which of the following is more important to him, career, fame, money or integrity, he said this unequivocally:

“Definitely Integrity! I’ve produced a ton of tracks over the years and not even once did I ask any money from them. I gave all of them away for free. The satisfaction the people have for my music is all the payment I need because as an artist, it’s very nice to be able to see other people enjoying your work.”

Consequently, ‘Mental Instability’ is not worried with what the future holds as he’s a self-motivated, self-taught and self-assured renegade artist who lives for the moment.

Asked where he sees his career moving forward, he had this to say:

“The same as now, don’t really see any possible change in the future. The music itself is what drives me and what boosts my passion and my interest of making new music.”

Yup, speaking like a true maverick! He’s a living and breathing musical proof that we shouldn’t fear the unknown. In fact, we should embrace it because it’s the most fertile ground for creativity as no one has ever tarnished it with preconceived notions—like a blank canvas.

Challenge the norm. Create your own destiny. Listen to ‘Mental Instability’ and let the ominous beats roam free!

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