A Psychedelic Musical Adventure with ‘Cashew Cats’

Music is a transformative undertaking. It is an art form that serves as the portal to the higher consciousness; a rhythmic path to enlightenment, an awakening of sorts. There is no rhyme or reason, but music has a profound effect on the human body, mind and spirit.

When ‘Cashew Cats’ spoke with Bassfuck, he made it clear from the get-go that he perceived music along those lines. In fact, when asked to describe his style of music, he simply referred to it as ‘Dream Music’ or a ‘Psychedelic Adventure’.

I’m gonna go out of a limb here and say that I think he’s referring to a ‘good acid trip’ as his songs are like auditory psychedelic drugs—mystical and therapeutic in their ethereal sonic arrangements and harmonic progressions.

This twenty something electronic artist from Hirakata City Osaka Prefecture listed Erik Satie, Aphex Twin and many other similar artists from various countries as his inspirations—hence his imaginative and outlier approach to creating music. A man of a few words, he prefers to let his music do all the taking for him.

“I dream. I sleep. I observe, plants, living things, and the universe. And I love sleeping with cats,” he quipped when asked what motivates him musically.

But make no mistake about it. He may not have an elaborate or long-winded explanation as to who or what he does as an artist, but his music will more than make up for his lack of verbosity. It’s trippy, exploratory and spellbinding—a psychedelic trip that cuts through the blandness of unimaginative modern music.

Music is a metaphysical experience and should never be a quick-buck scheme. The sooner that we recognize it (with the help of maverick artists like ‘Cashew Cats’ of course), the faster can we dig ourselves out of this seemingly bottomless pit of creative rut we call modern commercialized musical drivel.

Listen and be heard. Experience a psychedelic musical adventure and get emancipated. The future begins today! Let ‘Cashew Cats’ show you the way!



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