Fluid and Divergently Elegant Music

Being wired differently is a gift rather than a liability. And it is especially true in the fascinating and discombobulating world of underground electronic music. Take for example this eccentrically talented Post-chiptune, Maximalist electronic artist named ‘Agargara’. If the name itself doesn’t say much, it’s because it’s by design.

At first listen, you’d instantly know that this wonderful oddball of an artist is more than happy to march to the beat of his own drums or in his case, a purposely discordant sound samples from Renoise. Dig deeper into his biography and you’ll find nothing but cryptic origin stories.

As per an excerpt from his Facebook page: “’Agargara’ is a mysterious fish raised in the hanging gardens of a Sumerian mainframe. He combines melodies and glitchy blistering beats into music that is both playful and painful.”

I can’t even begin to dissect or interpret what those statements mean so I won’t even try as I feel like I’m not intellectually or musically equipped to do so. But that’s the beauty of it all! ‘Agargara’s’ identity is shrouded in mystery that you can’t help but focus on his music because at the end of the day, that’s all that truly matters to him.

When Bassfuck reached out to him and asked point-blank which he thinks is more important fame, money or integrity? ‘Agargara’, in his own idiosyncratic way, gamely replied:

“VEGETABLES ARE IMPORTANT! Seriously though, none of those are really important to me. It’s nice to share my music with strangers, but I don’t seek fame. Integrity is too subjective for me to consider it a virtue. Money, I just need enough to survive and occasionally buy chocolate. When I make music, my goal is to make something that I personally think is good and interesting. I suppose you could call that integrity, but I also don’t mind blatantly trying to copy some popular style I heard from someone else.”

There you go. Spoken like a true nonconformist! Which begs the question: Where does he see his career moving forward?

“I’ve been thinking about collaborating more,” he divulged. “It would be cool to work with instrumentalists or singers. We could make an avant-garde Post-chiptune, J-pop, Futurepunk band. In reality, I am very shy so this will probably never happen.”

Well, I hope ‘Agargara’ overcomes his shyness so that he can create amazing music with kindred spirits in the not-so-distant-future. It would be something to look forward to if you ask me. The music world needs mavericks like him to keep pushing the boundaries and restore the stagnant pool of conformity in the industry once and for all.

With ‘Agargara’, music is about breaking the rules and not being imprisoned by them because it is, in its purest form, a fluid and divergently elegant art form with no limits. So wear your idiosyncrasy like a badge of honor. Listen to ‘Agargara’ and let the weirdness in!




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