Fabio Crivellaro: Creativity from the Vast Void of Nothingness

I heard people say: “When boredom strikes, creativity takes over.” I suppose it’s true, as conventional wisdom dictates that all things emerge creatively from nothingness.

Such was the case with ‘Fabio Crivellaro’, an independent noise rap/breaknoise core artist from Italy who Bassfuck reached out to after a chance discovery on the fringes of the internet because we got bored one rainy Wednesday afternoon.

“I am an extremely bored 30-year-old guy from a torrid and conservative town in central Italy,” Crivellaro dryly relates when asked the conventional and unimaginative ‘tell me about yourself’ question.

Yup, as much as I hate the mundane, asking such annoyingly banal question from the get-go is standard practice to establish rapport.

“I got into music as a teenager to keep myself away from the nothingness this place always offered me. My first experience was as a guitar player or a rapping vocalist in short-lived alternative metal bands. When my former bandmates felt too grown up to keep playing in a band then I moved to noisy electronica production.”

Well, it might not be a serendipitous encounter after all as Crivellaro’s origin story and my discovery of his music have one thing in common. Both are the unexpected outcomes of boredom! It’s meant to be!

Jokes aside, Crivellaro has an interesting way of describing his music.

“It’s ‘Venetian Snares’ meets ‘Beastie Boys’ when they go to an anal cunt gig! I describe my music like my neighbors’ autistic child screaming all day! Sorry, but I am not able to take it seriously, but I enjoy so much composing and playing and recording.”

No need to apologize Crivellaro, we get you as your heart is in the right place. So long as you enjoy what you’re doing, then you’re on the right track.

And the weirdness doesn’t end there as he gets inspirations from the unlikeliest of places.

“My main inspirations are grotesque situations I witnessed in my life, I think,” he professed.

What’s great about him though is that he’s under no such illusions of greatness—that he’s God’s musical gift to mankind or that he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

“Don’t even try! There is so much garbage in here (the music industry) and I am one of them. It’s hard to find someone good to listen to, so don’t bother,” he jokingly said when pressed to give his advice to fellow aspiring musicians.

He’s just an extremely bored man who likes to make music; an uncompromisingly innovative music I might add. And for us here in Bassfuck, that’s more than enough!

We all start somewhere. Whether it be from a momentous event or the vast void of nothingness. All it takes is for the creative spark to be ignited and the floodgates of creation and innovation will surely be opened.

‘Fabio Crivellaro’ is like a spark plug and his songs are a cacophony of sonic fireworks with extra emotional resonance. So the next time you get bored, check him out to get your creative juices flowing. Unleash your inner artist, now!







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