‘Mick Harris’ Revisits ‘Fret’ after 22 Years!

“All you need is passion. If you have a passion for something, you’ll create the talent.”

We all have to start somewhere. More often than not, formal training isn’t at all necessary. All you really need is passion to begin your journey. Music for the most part is not a one-time deal but a lifelong process for self-worth and creativity.

‘Mick Harris’, the genre-defying musician from Birmingham, England, best known for his role as the drummer for pioneering Grindcore band ‘Napalm Death’ and whose expansive body of work has cemented his name along with his equally revolutionary aliases in the annals of underground music and Grindcore history, is the living embodiment of this notion.

Speaking exclusively with Bassfuck on the heels of the release of his first new material ‘Lift Method’ (Karlrecords) as ‘Fret’ in 22 years, he reflected on the moment when the music bug had bitten and taken hold of his life for the better.

“Punk music back in 1977! Also my cousin was a huge Punk/New Wave listener and I looked up to my cousin. He turned me onto John Peel (Bless) back in 1979 who opened the door to many interesting sounds.”

“Took up the drums in 1984, played with some Punk and Psychobilly bands, self-taught drummer no lessons!” he stressed.

As accomplished as Mick is, he keeps things simple as far as making music is concerned.

“I got into samplers and sampling in 1989,” he confessed. I have a basic set up in my small music room. All hardware except for my native instruments Maschine (love it) and Ableton Live for live use.

Being in the industry for so long, Mick has lived by and abided to time-tested wisdom he acquired over the years.

“Being honest and truthful to myself and family. It’s not about the money. As long as I can keep the family ship afloat then it’s all good.”

Unsurprisingly, he had this to say when asked where he sees his career moving forward:

“As long as I enjoy what I do and I feel some happiness that’s good enough for me.”

Spoken like a true musical free spirit! And there’s no arguing it. In happiness there’s passion and in passion there’s fulfillment!

In parting, Mick gave this piece of advice for aspiring musicians.

“Do yourself! Don’t worry about others and enjoy. Do your own thing.”

And here’s our piece of advice to you. Do yourself a favor and check out ‘Lift Method’ from ‘Fret’s (Mick Harris) forthcoming album ‘Over Depth’ out in October 2017. It’s unadulterated passion and pure artistry in every melody, that’s a guarantee!





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