‘Audiotist’: A Shapeless and Free-flowing Creative Force

Music should be fluid and forward-thinking. It should not be boxed in by restrictions of any real or imagined genre.

‘Audiotist’, a 30-year-old musician from Belgium, is someone who isn’t defined by any genre or even by the songs he creates. At least that’s how he sees it.

“I make something people like to call music, but I’m not always so sure about that,” he quipped. “I love experimenting with everything around me that produces any noise. Things like Software, Gameboys, Synths, Instruments, Nature, Toys, People, Animals, …”

‘Audiotist’ may not consider the outcome of his sonic experiments as music but he’s on the right track as artistic experimentation is the mother of musical innovation and self-expression. And since music, in theory, should be fluid, it’s pretty understandable that an experimental artist like him will have trouble describing his craft.

“Online I once described it as Belgian Hard/Break/Chip/Rave/Core whatever that means, but I don’t think I really fit into one of the mainstream boxes,” he confessed.

“Some call it Breakcore, others say it’s hardcore, rave, terror, boring, too fast, too slow, and many other things. So I try not to confuse myself more than I am naturally, by not caring about what kind of music I actually make,” he added.

‘Audiotist’ may not know where he falls musically, but make no mistake about it, he makes some banging tracks! Understandably so as he’s taken inspirations from an eclectic group of artists, styles and even from his surroundings.

“I get my inspiration everywhere, in every style, and of course I have some big idols, but that would be a very long list,” he explained. “I’ll just name the first five that pop into my head. Here goes: ‘Eminem’, ‘Venetian Snares’, ‘Slipknot’, ‘Hellfish’, ‘Opgezwolle’,… Weird combo, I know. But it would just get weirder if I kept going!”

His carefree attitude towards music is what makes him exceptional at what he does. Quite remarkable actually if you think that he isn’t even a full-time musician.

“I’ve never looked at this as a career, as I have a full time job, and I never liked promoting myself to get gigs and releases, or a bigger fan base,” he stressed. “Years ago when I started, I said that I wanted a vinyl release. And that one day I wanted to play ‘Bangface’. I got to play on a great ‘Bangface’ weekender edition. And that made me forget about that vinyl wish.”

Well that explains it! By refusing to play the pandering game, he’s winning! It’s a great strategy if you ask me.

Having said that though, I’m still hoping that he’ll still pursue his dream of having a vinyl release. That would be exciting! In the meantime, check out his work so that you won’t feel boxed in.

In the immortal words of Bruce Lee, “You must be shapeless, formless, like water.” Free your mind and take a plunge into the free-flowing music of ‘Audiotist’!



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