‘Andy’/‘Lorenzo Music’: An Instinctively Practical Music at Blazing Speed!

Overthinking is the killer of creativity as it strangles our ability to formulate and create great ideas. Science often refers to this phenomenon as ‘analysis paralysis’. The more we think about a certain task, the more we’re drawn into a time-sucking black hole of indecision and anxiety.

There are only a handful of artists in the industry who understands this. Electronic producer/performer ‘Andy’ from Osaka, Japan is one of them. In an industry known for being calculating and predictable, ‘Andy’ is a rarity. Case in point: He founded ‘Lorenzo Music’ in Mexico City, an international collective with one goal in mind; to create practical instinctive music at blazing speed!

“Speed is everything for me, nothing better than a track which gets done and dusted in a day,” ‘Andy’ confessed in an exclusive interview with Bassfuck. “I do travel a lot with my day job so the micromusic approach seemed like a good option.”

Because of this kind of mentality, ‘Andy’ has become an expert multitasker. He explained:

“I mainly work as a producer/performer in a number of groups based all around the world which makes for an interesting juggling act. The main ones are ‘Archipelago’ (Quintana Roo, Mexico) which is Acid House and ‘Boris Becker’ (Liverpool, UK) a Hardcore/Melodic Core Punk band. I’ve also done Portuguese wrestling sensation ‘David Francisco’s’ intro music and then there’s ‘Shit Bifter’ which is me doing rave re-edits of mates’ Chiptune productions. There’s also a few other things floating around in the ether which have yet to materialize as well.”

‘Andy’ understands that instinct is the driving force of creativity because he’s not afraid to act instinctively ‘in the moment’. In fact, he relishes and even thrives under high-pressure situations.

“I really quite enjoy the high-pressure situation of having to get something done within ‘X’ number of hours having paid a little or a lot of money,” he declared. “Most of the inspiration I get is just working within the limits of the hardware I’ve got or time constraints.”

And judging from his impressive body of work so far, I can honestly say that he is an instinctively brilliant artist. No, it’s not a knee-jerk reaction but a thorough overview of his musical imprint.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out his music below and be instinctively and utterly impressed! You’re welcome.


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