The Grimy yet Uplifting Electronic Music of ‘Mokit’

“It’s the best way to be, down and dirty! No pretenses, just pure unadulterated fun!” I’m talking about music of course and if there’s anyone who lives by this adage, it’s ‘Mokit’, one of our fresh ‘undiscovered’ gems in the confounding and transitory world of electronic music.

For starters, his name is ‘Mokit’, which is a Scottish slang for ‘dirty’. You can’t really get any closer to the saying’s context and implications than choosing its ‘operative word’ as your artistic alter-ego. Secondly, he’s an active DJ and Producer within the underground rave scene in Scotland and the UK so he’s not afraid to get his hands ‘dirty’, so to speak.

‘Mokit’ may have pretty much remained under the radar over the years mainly by choice but it’s important to note that his musical journey started eons ago.

“From a young age my parents gave me instruments to play with I guess hoping I would want to learn more,” he recounted. “Whilst I was in high school, I started writing music as part of punk and metal bands. This went on to become an alias known as ‘Sidney Shaw’ which I released a few EPs under and had the privilege of touring and supporting some great acts.”

Then, just like any other blue collared experimental artists, his journey took an interesting turn.

“After that (Sidney Shaw) I fell in love with producing music and learning sound design,” he confessed. “I’ve partnered up with many producers form around the UK to start various projects some finished and other not but all the time learning new techniques and skills as well as perspective. This has led me to start making music that makes me happy with the idea to do so to others. I’ve always loved music and most creative things so I guess it was inevitable like it is for so many people.”

‘Mokit’ really loves to get his hands dirty creatively and is more than glad to share his knowledge to others because it’s what drives him. In fact, when asked what or who motivates him musically, he had this to say:

“To continue doing what I’m doing (making music) and to always be creative. I would love to earn a stable living doing this but that’s something a lot of us aspire for. I currently take any opportunity to play or release music but I also get involved with teaching people how to write music or even using production software. I always desire to get better at what I do as well so that pushes me to try and write something new and to try to fully finish tracks which can often be the hardest part.”

Life, like music, is a never ending process of learning. And learning, should not be confined within the realms of what’s familiar, of what’s popular. This very same mentality is what ‘Mokit’ wants to impart to all aspiring musicians.

“Don’t be worried to put yourself out there. Try not to think about where you stand comparatively to others and just do what you do. Experiment with sound as much as possible and never think big budget is required for great music.”

Spoken like a true blue collared, experimental musician! So roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and listen to ‘Mokit’. A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone. After all, there’s treasure in dirt, right?






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