Serendipitous Music of Syndrasound

Serendipity is defined as a fortuitous discovery, a ‘eureka moment’ that leads to enlightenment. It’s an awakening of sorts—a phenomenon in which the universe has seemingly conspired to steer you to the right direction and take you to where you’re destined to be.

Such phenomenon was experienced by ‘Syndrasound’, a 19-year-old music producer and Touhou-arranger from Finland 5 years ago. When he downloaded a music editing app one day, never did he imagine, not even in his wildest dreams, that it would be the start of his musical journey to self-discovery.

“It was basically an accident,” he told Bassfug in a chance interview. “I just one day downloaded a trial of FL Studio and I was hooked.”

Describing his music as Jazz influenced Artcore, Pseudo-acoustic Jazz and Orchestral music as well as different styles of EDM, this Finnish artist has never looked back since that serendipitous day. In fact, he’s one of the most prolific producers in the underground electronic music scene today.

Citing ‘Sakuzyo’ and ‘Feryquitous’ as his influences, ‘Syndrasound’s’ artistic journey is showing no signs of slowing down as he releases banger after banger without falter. Which actually isn’t surprising as he’s fueled by passion and his heart is in the right place.

When asked which is more important to him, fame, money or integrity; he unequivocally declared that it’s ‘integrity’.

Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess but what’s important is that he’s off to a good start. He’s ‘woke’ and therefore makes illuminating music.

To quote the New Age Movement advocate Deepak Chopra, “There are no accidents, there is only some purpose that we haven’t yet understood.” ‘Syndrasound’ is born to make music and listening to his body of work so far, I can say that he has understood his purpose.

Check out his music below and be awakened. It’s not an accident that you’re reading this. The stars have aligned to provide you with music that enlivens your spirit. Go ahead, find your ‘eureka moment’!

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