A Gameboy-programmed Album that Fascinates

Talent is talent no matter what and it’s especially more remarkable if it emanates or manifests itself in the unlikeliest of places. Take for example this highly energetic and fascinatingly perplexing chiptune-oriented album entitled ‘Ravepunk’ from the Seattle-based producer Graz.

To say that the album in question is impressive is to simplify the creativity, vision and commitment that it must’ve required to produce this curious, technology-driven masterpiece. Why, you may ask? Because almost all of the songs in this 8-track offering except for one were produced/programmed using nothing but a Gameboy! Yup you heard it right. That unassuming handheld console that entertained you for hours on end when you were a kid was utilized to produce this album.

As per Graz: “All songs produced between November 2014 and September 2015 primarily on public transportation. All sounds (excluding track 03) created using LSDJ on a Nintendo Gameboy DMG-01.”

Not only is Graz a creative genius but he’s also a master multitasker as he was able to create something as cool as ‘Ravepunk’ instead of just looking out the window with a blank stare at nothingness to help pass the time during his daily commute. It is both a remarkable and an instructive case study as far as the creative process is concerned.

Listen to ‘Ravepunk’ to the link provided below and let your inner child roam free. It’s nostalgia-inducing, energetic and at times perplexing; everything you need from a chiptune album and then some!


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